About WUS Group



WUS Group’s management philosophy is based on three things: Prosperity, Evergreen and Profit Sharing.

Our goal is to continuously improve our core competency and experience, while providing top quality products, timely services and exceeding our customers’ requirements. The Company was founded in Taiwan in 1971. In 1991 the company was listed on the Taipei stock market, and in 2010 also listed on the Shenzen stock market. With over 10,000 employees working in over 7 million square feet of PCB manufacturing space throughout Asia, WUS is one of the top PCB fabricators in the world today.

  • Established in 1971 in Taiwan.
  • 45 years of experience in PCB manufacturing.
  • WUS -Taiwan listed on the Taipei Stock Market since 1991
  • WUS China listed on Shenzhen Stock Market since 2010
  • Ranked 23rd largest PCB maker in the world (Prismark , Feb 2016)
  • Total Headcount ~ 10428
  • Total factory space > 7.0 Million SqFt.